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The Story Store

Ready to activate your (and your team's) stories? We have what you need. Order in bulk for discounts!

Story tools


Leadership Story Deck

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  • The original! Used by teams around the world!
  • Dozens of cards to identify your “narrative assets”
  • Find stories connected to sales, innovation, brand, and more.
  • Beautifully boxed; Sturdy glossy cards
  • Instruction book with team activities

Story Canvas

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  • Re-useable framework for developing your stories
  • Full color printing on heavy card stock
  • Double sided with instructions on the back

Story Dash Cards

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  • 6 supplemental cards (as shown in the book “Story Dash”)
  • Find stories specifically for your change and transformation work
  • Printed on sturdy, glossy card stock

Ways to Save

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Team Pack!

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  • Includes: Leadership Story Deck, Story Canvas, and Story Dash Cards
  • Purchase multiple sets to host a full “Story Dash” session with your team
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The Storytelling Leader Online

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  • More than 8 hours of active content!
  • The content of the live program... at a fraction of the cost
  • Facilitated by David Hutchens and Michael McRay
  • Full learning to find and develop your stories
  • Short video chapters let you learn at your own pace.
  • In partnership with Istoria “Story Gatherings”
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Full Participant Kit

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  • Beautifully boxed Participant Kit
  • Everything you need for your story work
  • Features resources not available anywhere else (“How to Host a Story Circle” etc.)
  • Sticker! Because everyone loves stickers.

Available only to Certified Facilitators. Find out more about Certification.

Books from David Hutchens


NEW! “Story Dash”

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  • “Find, develop, and activate your most valuable business stories... in just a few hours!”
  • A repeatable process that is perfect for teams, or individuals
  • Dynamic instructions for using the Story Deck, Story Canvas, and other unique resources
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Circle of the 9 Muses

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  • “A storytelling field guide for innovators and meaning makers.”
  • A broad introduction to narrative practice
  • Frameworks for narrative sensemaking, group story work, story solicitation, archetype work, and more.
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“Outlearning the Wolves”

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  • The original management classic
  • More than a quarter million sold; A dozen+ languages
  • Organizational learning theory... with talking animals!
  • Full color illustrations
  • Helpful appendix to introduce Organizational Learning Theory in clear language