Activate your voice of leadership influence.

Learn to tell leadership stories that create engagement and belief so that people will act.

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It’s the fastest—and the most fun—way for leaders to activate their voice of influence.

What if there’s a better way to engage people so they will act? What if there is a more natural way to align systems, teams, and markets... and it all begins with the stories we tell? 

We need to tell our stories!

Why do your leaders need to tell stories?

“My team / customer is stuck.”

Tell a story that will “unstick” the system so that people will move. Teams will engage. Customers will buy.

“Our message is complex.”

Bring unforgettable clarity to your message! Tell a story about the technology, the science, or the strategy.

“I need people to believe.”

Organizations and markets are emotional systems. That’s why your data doesn’t inspire action. Tell a story that will align people to act.

What is The Storytelling Leader?

It’s an active learning experience that has been embraced by the world’s most influential organizations. (And lots of little ones who are on the fast track to influence!)

In just a single day, your team of leaders will find, develop, and tell the narrative assets around their most urgent work.

And they will leave with a highly engaging, transformative message they can deploy tomorrow.

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What will happen at The Storytelling Leader?

In this active learning experience, you and your team will...

Explore story circles as a leadership structure.

Story circles are a timeless structure for knowledge creation that are finding new application in the organizational world. Bring your teams together to tell and draw meaning from their rich stories. When you do, you create a rich culture of knowledge creation, shared identity, and engaged leadership. Stories are that powerful!

Find the stories you didn’t know you knew... with the Leadership Story Deck.

The Leadership Story Deck is an innovative resource that will help you find your “narrative assets”—the truly valuable stories you should be telling about your team, your work, or your offering.

Check out the Story Deck here

Build your story using the Story Canvas

So you’ve identified a story you need to tell to your customers or partners. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tell that story really well? Use the Story Canvas to craft an unforgettable narrative that will land with impact. Every time.

NEW! The Story Canvas is now available as a FREE download! 

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Deliver your narrative-driven message.

Work in teams to generate highly persuasive stories that will bring urgency to the work you are doing now. In just a single day, the team will be ready to tell the stories that will create engagement and belief so that people will act.

We are ready to tell our stories!

Tell your stories. Shift your system.

Ready to exercise your voice of engagement?

What kind of leadership stories do you need to tell?

What are the learning outcomes of The Storytelling Leader? The active learning experience is tailored to the needs of your leaders. Your leadership role will determine the kinds of stories you tell:

Senior leaders need to align the organization to align around the strategy, and compel the system to action. When you tell strategic stories, you’ll inspire people to move.

Technology and science leaders are really good at talking to each other. But what about everyone else? The rest of the system needs to understand your complex offering before they will engage.

The innovation begins internally. Advocate for your innovation team’s great work within your organization. Tell innovation stories to generate support, excitement... and resources.

In the war for hot talent, there's a new generation of job seekers who have a simple request: Make me believe in you. What stories are you telling them?

Capture and spread the organization’s deep wisdom. After all, story is the container for knowledge. Leverage the power of narrative to build a powerful learning culture.

Sometimes you need to tell stories about YOU. Tell stories to:

  • Advocate for your own leadership within the system
  • Crush the interview and win the next opportunity
  • Create a differentiated brand for your website or market-facing messages

You are needing to tell stories all the time. Movements are launched and fueled by powerful stories. In order to inspire people to volunteer, join a movement, vote, or take compassionate action, you will need succinct, simple, synergetic stories that will create empathy, connection, and orient people in the direction of change. 

Ready to tell your stories?

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We need to tell our stories!

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