Create engagement & belief so people will act.

The world’s most influential leaders are telling stories.
Are you?

Storytelling is humanity’s oldest technology for connection, identity, and sense making. And today it’s the mission-critical competency for knowledge-era leaders.

We’ll help your leaders and teams tell impossible-to-ignore stories of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

So what’s your story?

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Why tell stories?

What is "The Storytelling Leader"?

It's an active learning experience. It's a trove of innovative resources. It is coaching and support.

And it's all designed to help you exercise your voice of leadership. Because stories are powerful for:

  • Creating inspiration and belief
  • Building culture and identity
  • Clarifying complex messages
  • Selling and brand building
  • Amplifying your unique voice / brand
  • Aligning the system to act

Bring the power of authentic human connection to your most urgent work.

In “The Storytelling Leader,” you’ll find and activate the narrative assets — the value-holding stories — that you can bring to the work you’re doing right now.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about the experience:

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Trusted by tens of thousands of leaders, all around the world.

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Which stories should you and your team be telling?
Not sure where to start? We’ll share some ideas.

The Workshop

Discover the premiere organizational storytelling learning experience.

The Storytelling Leader has helped tens of thousands of leaders across the USA, Europe, and Asia PAC to amplify their “most-human” voice of influence. Bring this learning experience to your team.


Start telling better stories today... for free!

At the heart of The Storytelling Leader are a series of innovative resources that make the process active and fun. Many are available as a free download!


Stories for Transformation:

The Story Dash Cards

Identify the stories you should be telling now to align people to your transformation and change efforts.


Stories for Impact:

The Story Canvas

Next, build your stories visually on the Story Canvas. The result? Stories that land with impact. Every time.


Stories you didn’t know you knew:

The Leadership Story Deck

Get the full Deck! Discover dozens of stories that you can connect to outcomes like sales, innovation, strategy, and more.

The New Book

Find your stories fast with “Story Dash”

  • Activate your stories… in just a few hours!
  • Tested and proven with global innovation leaders
  • An active, repeatable process you can bring to your teams

Here’s my story.

Behind every innovation is an origin story. Okay, here’s mine.

I remember the day I quit my job at the advertising agency.

This was in the 90s, when I was working as a copywriter at big agencies in Dallas and Atlanta. I loved the creative work. But I hated spending my days writing about hamburgers and cell phones. There were other things I wanted to write about, like leadership and innovation.

Ready to put your stories to work?

You have stories. Lots of stories. You are made of stories. You just need a process for identifying, developing, and putting them to work. Let’s explore what that might look like in your work.

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