Yes, you can experience it online!

Introduce your team to The Storytelling Leader Online. You’ll experience the same learning objectives as the classroom program... but with a few surprises of its own!


Find, develop, & test your team’s narrative assets.

Stories create engagement and belief so that people will act. In this highly active online experience, your team will find and practice the stories they should be telling NOW about their most important projects, strategies, or offerings.

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Flexible modules

Up to a full-day of learning in total, the modules are broken into short segments of 45 to 90 minutes. They can be experienced over two consecutive afternoons; or split into small segments over a period of several days.

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Small or large groups

The program can work with an intimate team of four; or a large group of 30. Some activities will change to fit the larger group, but the learning outcomes are the same.

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Synchronous or asynchronous

Your team can experience the modules live with real-time facilitation. They also have the option of experiencing the learning on their own time as pre-recorded video or audio. We can also discuss licensing for delivery within your company's learning system.