Having trouble capturing your stories?

Hit the deck.

The Leadership Story Deck is one of the most unique – and most popular – resources in The Storytelling Leader. 

Here’s a peek at this groundbreaking leadership tool.

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What’s in the cards?

The Leadership Story Deck contains dozens of cards with the stories that you should be telling about your most important offerings. The cards will help you find, craft, and sequence your narrative messages. The result? Engaged teams and markets that take action. 

Who knew you could fit all of that in a little box?

There are lots of ways to use the Deck to work with your stories!

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Find your stories.

Go through the Deck, one card at a time. You’ll be amazed to discover the amazing stories you didn’t know you knew.

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Work in teams.

Discover your team’s narrative assets... and powerfully affirm “who we are, what we do, and why we do it.”

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Tell in groups.

Host a story circle in which you take turns telling your new stories. If only all team meetings could be this meaningful!

The heart of the Story Deck is dozens of stories you could be telling.

With the Story Deck, we have created a taxonomy of story types that link to your most important organizational challenges – from selling and branding; to knowledge work; to influence; to culture and identity; to innovation work; and more.

A good first exercise: Simply go through the Deck, one card at a time. Reflect. What stories do these trigger?

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Each card will help you capture your narrative assets.

The front of each card will introduce a story type. These are stories that you probably have (but it may not have occurred to you to tell them!) 

Next is a simple structure to help you create your version of that story.

On the back of each card is a real-life example of that story so you can hear what it sounds like when someone tells it.

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Now this is cool: Sequence cards for a narrative presentation.

A series of topic cards will help you identify which stories you can connect to specific challenges. 

For example, are you introducing a new strategy or project to the organization? Consider cards 1, 10, 3 and 5 (in that sequence!)

Then build your narrative-driven presentation with data “between” the stories. It’s incredibly engaging and persuasive.

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Build persuasive messages.

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Get clarity as a team.

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Instruction book included.

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