Start building impossible-to-ignore-stories, right now! (FREE!)

The Story Canvas has been licensed to some of the world’s most innovative companies. At long last, it is now available for you to use without limit, completely free. Seriously. It’s yours to print, use, and distribute as much as you wish.*


You'll receive the entire set of Canvas resources:

The Story Canvas

The big, tabloid-sized original! Grab some sticky notes, and start constructing your high-impact stories.

Instruction Sheet

Get a quick overview of the Canvas, a bit of story theory, and special "pro tips" for building your story. 

The Two-Page Canvas

This is the Canvas formatted on two standard letter-sized pages for easy printing at your desktop.

The Story Dash Cards

The six cards featured in the book "Story Dash." Just print them on your office printer and they're ready to use for your own Story Dash!

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*The Story Canvas is copyright David Hutchens. You are free to use it under a Creative Commons license. 

You are welcome to use it in classrooms, and even in commercial programs. The copyright information and attribution must remain on the document. 

You can review the full Creative Commons license here