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The Storytelling Leader

Full-Day Program

Our most popular offering. The full monty. Get everything we have to offer for your team. 

Story Sprint

Half-Day Program

Short on time? We can help you find the stories you need fast. Just give us half a day or less to get your team ready to harness your narrative assets. 

Story Coaching

Need some one-on-one attention? We offer personalized coaching to help you find, develop, and tell the story you need for the moment you need it. 


Online Courses

Unable to bring the full impact of our program to your organization immediately? Start with a move-at-your-own-pace online course to jumpstart your story journey!

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The Storytelling Leader

Duration: 8 hours

Who is this for? 

Leaders who want to take a deeper dive into building narrative as an organizational capacity.

What makes this different?

Take your leaders deep into an understanding of story as a leadership and organizational capability. This highly experiential program will build your story skills with applications for culture and identity work; knowledge transfer; leadership influence; sales and branding; and much more.

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Story Sprint

Duration: Typically around half a day.

Who is this for? 

Leaders who need to find and develop their "narrative assets" for a specific application.

What makes this different? 

Experience the program as laid out in David Hutchens' book Story Sprint. Do you have a big sales pitch coming up? Are you about to unroll a new strategy to the organization, or a new offering to the market? You should be telling stories to create engagement and belief! You need a Story Sprint. 

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Story Coaching

Duration: Flexible, depending on need.

Who is this for? 

Leaders who have a specific story need and want one-on-one attention. This may be an upcoming presentation, sales dialogue, or video shoot where you need to create powerful engagement.

What makes this different? 

Work with our professional story and message coaches who will help you identify, craft, tell, and refine your story assets so your message will land with powerful impact.

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COMING FEBRUARY 2021 - Online Learning

Duration: Move at your own pace

Who is this for? 

For leaders who like the control, flexibility, and affordability of an online learning environment. 

What makes this different?

Our online programs feature some of the same core content as the live programs but accessed on your own schedule as a convenient series of videos, podcasts, downloadables, and interactive components.

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