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Many facilitators, consultants, and learning professionals are looking for something more.

"The Storytelling Leader" will bring new depth to your consulting or learning practice. With certification, you will receive:

  • A deeply powerful process for unleashing leadership
  • A program that is uniquely fun, human, and alive
  • A powerful path to bringing emotion and the 'whole person' into the work
  • An unforgettable learning experience
  • The most fun you’ll have as a facilitator (Totally standing by that claim!)
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Storytelling is the new leadership imperative.

We are in an age that demands a humanized leadership. Perhaps you have noticed this with your clients.

For facilitators and consultants, these are exciting times! Activating “whole person” leadership is rich and rewarding work.

And there’s no faster way to unleash this organizational energy than through storytelling.

Add “The Storytelling Leader” to your offerings!

Join the growing international community of facilitators and consultants who are adding The Storytelling Leader to their client offerings!


What do I receive as a certified facilitator?

  • Full certification training for delivering the program
  • Exclusive access to the boxed Participant Kit
  • A complete Facilitator Guide
  • Quarterly calls with a learning community of narrative sense-making practitioners
  • Exclusive access to new resources
  • A listing on our webpage of certified facilitators (Coming soon!)
  • A cool badge for your website to announce your certification to the world!

“The Storytelling Leader” is:

  • Fun, energizing, and “heart-filling” to deliver
  • In demand and easy to sell
  • Flexible to connect to different outcomes
  • Easy to link to your other offerings

What are some possible learning outcomes for my clients?

When you bring The Storytelling Leader to your clients, the outcomes can include:

  • Activating leadership influence
  • Aligning the system to strategy
  • Facilitating a “Story Dash” in innovation or design work
  • Creating culture / identity
  • Knowledge transfer / organizational learning
  • Sales enablement
  • Activating the organization’s values
  • Building individual voice or brand
  • Engaging the market or potential givers
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How to become a Storytelling Leader Facilitator



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